Israel’s New Emergency Messaging System

By Dov Lachman A new Israeli emergency messaging system began operations on Friday, July 25, covering almost the entire country. The system, known as “Meser Ishi” (Hebrew for “personal message”), […]

Pilots Arriving in Israel Blinded by Lasers

Pilots arriving at Ben Gurion Airport have reported powerful laser beams aimed at their cockpits. The source of the beams was identified as the “triangle” area of central Israel, home […]

Fast Draw – Terror Tunnels Threat

If anyone still doubts that Israel’s security establishment had no clue as to the magnitude of the terror tunnels, here’s a reminder: Last September the establishment decided to withdraw soldiers […]

U.S. Bans Russian AK-47 Rifles

Under Obama administration Ukraine-related sanctions in response to Russia’s incursions into Ukraine and the apparent downing of a Malaysian passenger jet by a Russian-made surface-to-air missile, Executive Order 13662 was […]

IDF: The new unified communication network

Everyone’s  on the same Network – New IDF technology network enabled during “Protective Edge” operation. “IDF Network” Technology is implemented by the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) division, and mainly uses an unified communication network between all arms of the army - land, sea and air. Everyone is on the same radio, data […]

Israeli made loitering munitions on high demand

The Indian air force is a current user of Israeli made loitering weapon systems. This air force is evaluating the purchase of additional Israel aerospace industries (IAI) HAROP Loitering munitions […]

Plans for nationwide 911 dispatch centers

Municipalities across the country are planning to connect 911 dispatch centers in an effort to improve information sharing. Paul Nave, director of Owensboro-Daviess County’s 911 dispatch center in Kentucky said […]

Real double danger threatening the U.S

The committee that investigated the world trade center disaster warns: the real double danger threatening the U.S. through both terrorist attacks and cyber attacks “The internet is permeable and vulnerable […]

First UAV Near Miss Reported in the U.S

Last week a pilot from Idaho was preparing to begin a spray run through a field. Barely visible ahead of him was a small stationary object. He decided it must […]

Protect your website against cyber attacks

by Lior Mazor Introduction Cyber war is an act of war, adopted by states as well as by Terrorist Organizations,  with the goal to penetrate and damage the opponents computerized systems or other vital systems that rely on it. There have […]